Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gettysburg, Part Two

So, I sat on the idea of publishing this for awhile.  I finally decided against discussing the trip through the battlegrounds, so as not to offend those who will invariably think that I was making light of it.  It was full of history, and very informative, and was certainly worth the self-guided driving we decided to do.

I do need to say, we ate at Montezuma Mexican Restaurant in Chambersburg (there is also a location in Gettysburg) our first night, and it was delicious, cheap, and promptly served.  If we ever head back down that way, we are certainly planning a return trip there!  Also, while the Appalachian Brewing Company had some tasty brews, their food was simply meh.  A medium rare burger came out extra-well, and the service was a bit sloppy.  All around, their price was much too high for the quality of both the atmosphere and the food.  Still, it was Father's Day when we visited, and it was the father's choice!

Below are some pictures I would like to share.  One is from the Appalachian Brewing Company, where we stopped by for an early dinner, and Mister B enjoyed a pint.  The other was him attempting to help us driving home.  Judging by the upside down map, it is therefore understandable that it took us a few wrong turns to find the way we needed to go.  But the subdued ending to the weekend was just what we needed to cap off our wonderful trip.

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