Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hiring an Intern

Last weekend, we traveled southerly in order to visit Gettysburg.  We had a blast!  But while there, Mister Hasagashi made the decision that he did not want to attend.  Visiting a bunch of land-locked hills in the blaring sun in ninety degree weather was no place for a sea creature, he said.  He then proceeded to tell us an ad had been placed for an intern.  He was looking for a sweet, smart, and smaller helper, one who could fit into scenarios that Hasagashi couldn't.  Maybe a mammal?

In any case, he informed us a bear responded to the ad.  A quiet, small, brown bear, and he just happened to be living at Boyds Bear Country, just south of Gettysburg.  In their excitement to meet each other, neither Hasagashi nor the bear gave us a name or location to find the new intern.  Never ones to be put off, The Hubby and I decided we would gallivant off and take some pictures while perusing the various animals that were cleverly placed among four stories of merchandise at the store.  What we saw was fabulous!

Look at this bear!  He's so cute!  He greeted us when we first walked into the store.  Surely not who Hasagashi was leading us to, but fun nonetheless.  Attached at the bottom are a bunch of different pictures we snapped while looking for the clever intern.  Let me tell you, at four stories, it took a lot of time.  There was not only a Noah's Ark, there was a stuffed bear holding an ark too!  They even had a nursery where you could adopt your own bear based on a set of requirements.  You could stuff and dress your own animal.  You could adopt animals from an adoption center and buy them treats.  It was a lot of fun!

After traversing four stories of bears and fun, we noticed something.  A stack of bears.  Cute bears.  Well-dressed bears.  Bears that looked like they were eager to be a help to us.  One in particular caught our attention.  He was just too cute for words, with a starched collar and a no-fuss attitude.  So, we did what any smart couple looking for an intern would do.  We scooped him up so we could really get a good look at him.  From his small eyes to his leather padded feet, he seemed like the perfect candidate.  But we had to wonder, is this the bear we came looking for?  We didn't know for sure.

"Are you looking to be an intern to a fluffy pink octopus?"  The Hubby asked him.  He shyly nodded.  Woohoo!  This was him, after over an hour of searching, this was the bear we were told of!  We checked him out and noticed his tag labeled him Henderson S. Bearsworth.  Mister B!  Finally!

Isn't he just the cutest thing ever?  Don't worry, there will be many more pictures of him to come! 

Well, I don't know what else to say, besides: enjoy the pictures from the store, we sure do!

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