Monday, June 21, 2010

Obligatory Introductions

So, after much deliberation it has been decided that the first order of business is to start at the beginning!  This blog is being designed as a sort of travel/food/home blog, though it may sometimes branch off from those main points.  There are four main people involved in this process.  We will start with the more involved and move down to those that are less involved.

The first person is the main author of this blog: me!  For shortness sake, I will just be going by Jax.  Below is a picture of me making a new friend while at Boyds Bear Country just south of Gettysburg.
Isn't he just adorable?  Unfortunately for me, there was no way he was going to fit in the back of my car!

The next most important person to be involved in this is my favorite, very classy, cephalopod.His full name is Mister Hasagashi Cephalopod, but we all just call him Hasagashi for short.  Hasagashi is your typical octopus.  He enjoys being the center of attention.  He's adorable.  He loves to help with anything you can think of.  He likes to have fun.  But most of all, he is huggable and wonderful!  He will prove himself to be the most inquisitive and photogenic of all the contributors to this blog.

On Mister Hasagashi's insistence, we have recently taken on an intern!  It took loads of time to find and hire him, but we finally met the very dapper Mister Henderson S. Bearsworth, or Mister B for short.

Mister B is kind of like your typical, young intern at his first job.  He is quiet.  He is eager to please.  He likes to make coffee deliveries.  The only problem is that in his youthful attempts at helping he often ends up doing things the wrong way, often to the point of hilarity.  Like in the picture, he almost got us lost trying to leave Gettysburg, mainly because he read the map upside down.  You will see Mister B whenever Mister Hasagashi does not feel comfortable partaking.  Sometimes you will see them together, but it will usually be one or the other.

The other trouble-maker you will occasionally see and hear from is my husband, or The Hubby.  The Hubby is my wonderful husband (duh) and a lover of all things adorable.  He also is the major source of funding for most of the opportunities that will be written about.  All three of us love him very much, and he seems pretty fond of us too!We like having The Hubby around.  He makes sure we eat (can you tell by the picture?), and he is a source of much fun and silliness.  It's great!

So, that is the crew as they can best be described.  Now that we have gotten those introductions out of the way, you will soon be hearing about our trivial but entertaining adventures.  Thank-you, and enjoy!

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